Primaticcio et Rosso - Inglese

Primaticcio et Rosso - INGLESE Visualizza ingrandito

Carmelo Occhipinti







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The acquisition of a work of art for an antique dealer is always an intense emotional experience because the desire to possess ‘any form of beauty’ whether it be a painting, an object, a piece of furniture is an eternal quest for someone who has a passion for art. The story concerning this acquisition started about fifteen years ago, when, as often happens in my profession, I was contacted by some people wanting to sell a family heirloom and I discovered on this occasion this painting which is quite remarkable on the art market. After examination of the painting, its owners told me that the work was attributed to Leonardo de Vinci. Considering the stature of this attribution, I thought that they were on the wrong track. They had inherited it from their father along with many other family possessions. I managed to take some photos and tried to explain, along with my assistant, Laurence Armando that this painting belonged to the Ecole de Fontainebleau (XVIth century). This identification was not very appreciated by the owners but we remained in contact so as to keep them up to date on the research undertaken.

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